Lenovo PC Server 720 (8642-xZx) Upgrades - Guaranteed Compatible Memory

32MB 72p 60ns EDO SIMM

32MB 60ns EDO SIMM 72-pin 5v Parity Memory

Unit Price: $31.99

Part No: 6516630

In Stock: Guaranteed to ship on Monday, January 18.

32MB 72p 60ns EDO SIMM

32MB 60ns EDO SIMM 72-pin 5v Parity Memory

Unit Price: $31.99

Part No: 6516630

8MB 72p 60ns FPM SIMM

8MB 60ns FPM SIMM 5v Parity Memory

Unit Price: $19.99

Part No: 6516632

16MB 72p 60ns FPM SIMM

16MB 60ns FPM SIMM 72-pin Parity Memory

Unit Price: $11.99

Part No: 6516631

Lenovo PC Server 720 (8642-xZx) System Details

System Information
  • Kingston Part No: KTM2939/8
  • Kingston Part No: KTM2939/16
  • Kingston Part No: KTM2939/32
  • Memory Comments: MODULES MUST BE ORDERED AND INSTALLED IN GROUPS OF EIGHT. The 8MB modules CANNOT be mixed with the 16MB or 32MB modules on the same card. However 16MB or 32MB modules CAN coexist on the same memory card.
  • Total Memory Slots: 16
  • Maximum Memory: 512
  • Standard Memory: 64
  • System Type: Desktop/Server
  • Module Type: 60ns
  • Form Factor: SIMM
  • Registered: None
Other Information

To confirm you are installing the correct type of memory, we provide the system specifications for your Lenovo PC Server 720 (8642-xZx). Your computer will only support a specific type of memory module chip. Using the Memory Finder on Silicon Mountain Memory ensures that the memory found here for your PC Server 720 (8642-xZx) will be compatible - guaranteed or your money back.

Shop confidently knowing that the PC Server 720 (8642-xZx) memory upgrade you purchase from Silicon Mountain Memory comes with a lifetime warranty and is always tested for quality.

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