Super Talent Teradrive 256GB 2.5" SATA3 SSD

Super Talent Teradrive 256GB 2.5" SATA3 SSD

Unit Price: $59.99

Part No: 11756191

Targeted at the Pro/Enthusiast seeking extreme performance, the TeraNova is one of several durable 2.5” SSD’s that SuperTalent has released to date. Featuring the SATA3 Interface with optimized firmware, the SuperTalent TeraNova is built for reliable speed. By optimizing the transfer rate at various queue depths, the TeraNova delivers excellent performance in a variety of conditions. Sure the TeraNova boots quickly and posts outstanding benchmark scores (over 530MB/s for read and 450MB/s for write), but the TeraNova also excels in general responsiveness. The TeraNova also includes new features that enhance reliability as well. In the event of a sudden power loss, the TeraNova reacts, protecting valuable data from corruption before it powers off. 


Form Factor: 2.5"
Capacity: 256gb
Dimensions: 69.85 x 100.00 x 9.50 mm
SATA Interface: SATA III
Poiwer Supply: 5V ± 10%
Package: Metal Housing
Operating Shock: 1500G
Operating Vibration: 16G
Operating Temperature: 0C to +70C
Operating Humidity: 8 to 95% @ 25C

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