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There are five main things to consider when performing a memory upgrade. They are:

1. Compatibility

Compatibility should be the main concern when upgrading the memory in your system. Systems from manufacturers such as Dell and HP can require a very specific type of memory. The main factors are matching the technology and speed requirements, but other factors such as size and number of memory chips can have a big effect on whether a memory stick will work properly in your system. Since system manufacturers often don't provide detailed information about the memory required, it can be difficult to tell if you're getting the right memory. We've taken the guesswork out of purchasing RAM with our simple but powerful memory search tool. With thousands of systems researched and catalogued, we guarantee that the memory you order will be the memory you need.

2. Service

Service is getting what you need when you need it. We commit to deliver as we promise and to process all your transactions quickly and completely. Let us know if we fail your service expectations in any way and we will do what we can to make it right.

3. Quality

Quality should be another key factor in your purchase. Even though most memory looks alike, the differences in quality can be huge. We only sell memory with the highest quality chips and circuit boards, and back it up with a lifetime warranty to ensure that your system will be running great both now and years down the road.

4. Support

Support can be the difference between a frustrating and a satisfying upgrade experience. Although memory is the easiest and quickest upgrade you can perform, you may still have questions about installation, troubleshooting, or memory in general. We're here to help, with phone, e-mail, live chat, and memory guides to help answer your questions as quickly and easily as possible. Our support staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful without using too much technical jargon. We're here to help you find what you need and get your system running at its best!

5. Value

Value is often confused with price when purchasing computer upgrades. We make value our highest priority, so we will get you the best price possible while still providing top-notch compatibility, quality and support. We know that your memory upgrade is an investment in your computer's future, so we work hard to ensure that you're always getting the best value from your investment. We're confident that we provide the best value in the computer memory market.

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