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Silicon Mountain Memory provides top quality memory upgrades for every desktop computer brand and model in use today.

Upgrading RAM – The Easiest, Most Cost-Effective Option for Improving your System

Because desktop systems are seldom shipped with the maximum memory configuration, these systems almost always have open, unused memory sockets available for memory upgrades. Once memory modules are installed into the expansion sockets, which is an easy process, there is usually no additional work to be done. In virtually every case, the computer’s BIOS recognizes the memory upgrade and begins using it seamlessly and immediately.

A Desktop with Additional RAM Added often Outperforms a Newer System

This fact – coupled with the lost time and effort required to migrate old user programs, personalized settings and files – makes a compelling argument for upgrading existing systems rather than buying new ones.

Squeeze Every Drop of Life Out of your Computers; Stretch Every Dollar of your IT Budget

Silicon Mountain Memory specializes in providing memory upgrades for every brand of desktop computer on the market and guarantees 100% compatibility with all systems. In addition, every Silicon Mountain Memory module is covered by a lifetime warranty


  • SDRAM through DDR3 Support
  • ECC/Non-ECC Support
  • JEDEC Certified SPD

Total Protection Package

Performance Performance

Noticeably improve your system's performance or your money back

Compatibility Compatibility

100% compatible memory for your system

Quality Quality

7 levels of rigorous testing and a lifetime warranty

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