Controlling Upgrade Costs

Our approach to lowering memory upgrade costs

Great memory upgrade pricing is not simply a matter of reducing margins to poverty level and asking 10 people to do the work of 30. Well, not everyone anyway. We decided a long time ago that the best way to keep our prices low was to keep our costs low as well. That means being efficient, it means doing things right the first time instead of throwing a system or a department together quickly and trying to make it work, and, to us, it means an unparalleled level of testing to ensure that when we ship a memory module we are shipping an upgrade that will work.

Memory Upgrades that Work the First Time

When a memory module comes in, it can look forward to no fewer than eight points of testing and quality control that are never compromised. This means that we have very few returns due to module failure (less than one half of one percent) and that means we don't have the high processing costs less diligent competitors have. There are certainly people out there who are willing to send you something that looks like it might be the right part, take your money, and worry about whether or not it is going to work later. We know getting it right the first time means we do not have to do it over.

Specialization for Upgrading Excellence

We also don't have just a few people who try to accomplish several different jobs. We have highly motivated people with tremendous focus so they can be very good at what they do. We dedicate support staff so all customer service issues can be handled quickly and efficiently. Our buyer does nothing but manage inventory and watch the DRAM markets so he can find the best deals and make smart decisions. Our dedicated testing and fulfillment staff goes to great pains to ensure our products ship in low cost packaging, and even recycles packing material from our vendors to keep our customer’s costs down.

We Want the Lower Upgrade Costs to Pass to You

You can certainly see how these different components can reduce our costs and therefore allow us to offer a lower price to our clients. We go to these lengths because in the end, saving our customers money is both good for you, and also naturally good for us. We want to keep you as a customer. We want you to tell your friends how well you were treated and we want you to come back to us for your future memory needs. Our company has a tremendous amount of experience in the memory industry, and we expect to be around for a long time. We are justifiably proud of what we have built here, and we want your experiences with us to be enjoyable for you too.

Your Suggestions to Lower Memory Upgrade Costs

If you see opportunities to further cut costs and pass the savings to you, feel free to send your suggestion to us at

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