Lenovo PC Server 704 (8650-7AX) Upgrades - Guaranteed Compatible Memory

128MB 72p 60ns FPM SIMM

128MB 60ns ECC Memory

Unit Price: $103.99

Part No: 6516627

In Stock: Guaranteed to ship on Monday, January 18.

128MB 72p 60ns FPM SIMM

128MB 60ns ECC Memory

Unit Price: $103.99

Part No: 6516627

64MB 72p 60ns FPM SIMM

64MB FPM SIMM 60ns 5v Parity Memory

Unit Price: $39.99

Part No: 6516629

32MB 72p 60ns EDO SIMM

32MB 60ns EDO SIMM 72-pin 5v Parity Memory

Unit Price: $31.99

Part No: 6516626

16MB 72p 60ns FPM SIMM

16MB 60ns FPM SIMM 72-pin Parity Memory

Unit Price: $11.99

Part No: 6516628

Lenovo PC Server 704 (8650-7AX) System Details

System Information
  • Kingston Part No: KTM5877/128
  • Kingston Part No: KTM5877/16
  • Kingston Part No: KTM5877/32
  • Kingston Part No: KTM5877/64
  • Memory Comments: All memory modules must be installed in matched sets of 4, 8, or 16 ONLY. The 16MB and 32MB modules can coexist in the same server; however, the 64MB modules cannot coexist with either the 16MB or 32MB modules.
  • Total Memory Slots: 16
  • Maximum Memory: 2048
  • Standard Memory: 64
  • System Type: Desktop/Server
  • Module Type: 60ns
  • Form Factor: SIMM
  • Registered: None
Other Information

To confirm you are installing the correct type of memory, we provide the system specifications for your Lenovo PC Server 704 (8650-7AX). Your computer will only support a specific type of memory module chip. Using the Memory Finder on Silicon Mountain Memory ensures that the memory found here for your PC Server 704 (8650-7AX) will be compatible - guaranteed or your money back.

Shop confidently knowing that the PC Server 704 (8650-7AX) memory upgrade you purchase from Silicon Mountain Memory comes with a lifetime warranty and is always tested for quality.

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